FairPoint: E-mail problems to be fixed by weekend

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You’ve got mail. But if you’re a FairPoint Communications customer, you still might not be able to read it.

The company that took over Verizon’s phone and Internet services in northern New England now says its e-mail and Internet problems should be fixed by the weekend.

Spokeswoman Jill Wurm says about 10 percent of the company’s customers had problems switching to a FairPoint e-mail account when the company took over Verizon’s services last week. She says some issues are simple, like retrieving a forgotten password, and can quickly be fixed over the phone.

Other issues, like finding lost account information, could be resolved today, when FairPoint transfers another round of digital files.

The company has been bombarded with calls since the cutover, making it hard for customers to get through. Wurm says FairPoint has increased the number of people handling calls and working the online help desk.

At the height of the problems, FairPoint Communications received more than 13,000 calls in three days.

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