FAHC expansion costs unknown

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(Host) State health care regulators don’t know how much a major hospital expansion project will cost. Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington admitted ten days ago that its $228 million Renaissance Project faces at least $26 million in cost overruns.

Susan Gretkowski, the deputy banking and insurance commissioner, says the new administration at the hospital is still trying to get a handle on the costs.

(Gretkowski) “Fletcher Allen has their new group of administrative leadership in place and they’re trying to get their hands around exactly what the dollar amounts are. We are trying to work with them so as soon as they know what the numbers are, they will come to us and then we will know what the numbers are. But at this point in time, I’m not sure that we know what the numbers are.”

(Host) Hospitals are supposed to go through a state review if they plan to spend more than one and a half million dollars. Gretkowski says the hospital has committed to going through the state permit review, once it figures out how much it will have to spend.

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