Extreme “Death Race” Takes Place This Weekend

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This weekend in Pittsfield, several dozen competitors will be at the starting line of an endurance obstacle course called The Death Race.

Organizers won’t reveal ahead of time what the race entails, but last year’s participants lugged stones up a mountain, removed tree stumps from the earth, spent considerable time in the company of barbed wire, and carried bicycles on their shoulders for most of the event. And that’s not to mention the memorization tests that-should you fail-would send you back to where you started to try, try again. And while many attempt the race, few finish. Last year’s winner took 11 ½ hours to cover the 10-mile course.

Observers might poke fun at the idea, but organizers say pushing yourself to outrageous physical and mental limits is a meaningful life lesson. Race founder Joe Desena has competed in Ironman Triathlons but he says this is the toughest race in the world. The fourth annual Death Race starts before dawn this Saturday and Desena tells Mitch Wertlieb that it will be the hardest race yet

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