Experts say December was snowiest on record

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(Host) Weather experts have confirmed what we all noticed last month: December was the snowiest on record, at least in some parts of the state.

At the Fairbanks Museum, where VPR’s weather reports are prepared, 53-and-a-half inches fell last month. That’s half-a-foot more snow than the old record, set in 1981.

Meteorologist Mark Breen says the weather pattern in December was a consistent, active storm track.

(Breen) "It really didn’t vary too much. We didn’t have, for example, storms that slid up through the Great Lakes and brought us rain – except for one. And then a lot of the activity was coming in across the country and redeveloping along the coastline. I would say the reason was we just had this parade of weather systems. In fact, I think there was a stretch for about three weeks when we had some measurable snow virtually every day."

(Host) Measurable snow also fell on Tuesday and Wednesday, to start the new year.

But meteorologist Steve Maleski says the snowy trend will likely take a break in January, due to an ongoing "La Nina."

(Maleski) "Think about the general characteristics of a La Nina winter, which tend to be kind of streaky. It’s been an extremely active December, so I would be very surprised if January turned out that way. In fact, all indications are that we’re going to take a couple weeks’ rest over here and warm up pretty nicely."

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