Essex Wins Grant To Plan Future

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(Host) Officials in Essex got word today that they’d won a grant to help them plot the future of the village and the town.

Essex is one of four communities around the country to win a $100,000 award from the Orton Family Foundation.

The village and town of Essex will each put another $12,500 into the project. Assistant Town Manager Trevor Lashua says the Orton grant is designed to help communities plan collaboratively.

(Lashua) "There’s this broad sense that we could be doing something better. But there’s not necessarily a broad belief in terms of what that better may be. So using the values in order to determine what that something better is and then figuring out how to make it happen would be the primary outcome, I think."

(Host) Lashua says town and village residents will have two years to use the money. He says the hope is that the project will help Essex plan a variety of civic initiatives.

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