Essex IBM to Manufacture Fastest Chip

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(Host) Vermont’s IBM plant is set to become the only site that will produce the world’s fastest semiconductor chip. The newly unveiled chip is designed to improve the performance of communications products such as cell phones and computer systems.

IBM spokesman says the silicon germanium chips meet the demands of a market that wants its products smaller, with faster operation:

(Couture) “It’s a combination of how fast can you process the information through and can you do it in a low power. That is, can it done in such a way that when you put in a cell phone for example, it doesn’t get so hot to hold. I mean, as electronics have gotten smaller and smaller, the combination of speed and keeping the energy usage and heat down has been critical.”

(Host) Couture says he doesn’t know if the production of the new chips will create more jobs. But he adds that it will keep the Esex Junction facility busy, and that the market for this technology continues to grow.

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