EPA satisfied with Circ Highway environmental impact

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(Host) Last summer, the Environmental Protection Agency said that the circumferential highway in Chittenden County would trigger suburban sprawl and cause pollution from stormwater runoff.

Since then, EPA officials have met repeatedly with the state. Now, EPA regional administrator Robert Varney says the agency’s concerns have been addressed.

(Varney) “We agreed on and brought closure to those issues, saying that we’re now satisfied that they have addressed the concerns that we raised. Then once we receive public input, which is so important to the process, we will sit down hopefully one last time and make sure that all of the issues have been addressed.”

(Host) Governor Jim Douglas says he’s hopeful that construction of the next sections of the Circ Highway will begin this fall.

(Douglas) “I believe it will, I’m very optimistic that the process is unfolding in a timely way so that we can begin the construction of the next phases – which is segments A and B this fall – and have it completed within a few years.”

(Host) Last year, the Bush administration selected the highway project for a streamlined regulatory review. The new EPA environmental assessment will be available for public review in the next few weeks.

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