Entergy Challenges Condition of Yankee Sale

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(Host) The Mississippi company that wants to buy Vermont’s only nuclear power plant doesn’t like one of the conditions that state regulators put on the deal. Entergy Nuclear of Jackson, Mississippi, has asked the state Public Service Board to change the order that approved the sale.

Jill Smith is an Entergy spokeswoman. She says the company wants to keep some of the money that may be left over from a $300 million decommissioning fund. But the Public Service Board said any excess money should go back to ratepayers.

(Smith) "Entergy is looking at the Board’s order very carefully and one of the conditions attached is something we may consider taking further action on. And that is the condition dealing with the decommissioning funds."

(Host) Late Friday, Entergy filed a motion asking the Public Service Board to amend its order. The company says the PSB doesn’t have the authority to control how the decommissioning fund is used.

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