Election Project tries to push candidates to think globally

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(Host) Getting Americans to look beyond America is the goal of the Maryknoll’s 2008 Election Project.

Kathy McNeely is the project coordinator. Maryknoll’s is a Catholic-based aid organization seeking to promote a greater awareness of issues facing many of the world’s poorest people: 

(McNeely) "It’s really to bring to consciousness for U.S. people who are focused on how the election impacts the individual to expand what they’re looking at t include individuals around the world."

(Host) McNeely will be speaking about the election project at St. Michael’s College tomorrow night in a talk called "Loving Our Neighbor in a Shrinking World." She says the Project also hopes to press candidates running for office to broaden the scope of their core issues:

(McNeely) "All of them have to some degree the war in Iraq on their radar screens which is a good thing but there are other issues we’d like them to be highlighting…I mean, I think they could be talking more about climate change, HIVand AIDS, about racism and gender and its impact on other places around the world."

(Host) McNeely also says many Catholic voters find themselves conflicted about supporting a candidate who may not share the Church’s position on reproductive rights for women. But she says the Church believes voters should be guided by their consciences and to consider whether a candidate may fulfill other values of international peace and cooperation.

McNeely’s talk is scheduled for 7 o’clock Wednesday night at St. Michael’s College.

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