Election audit shows optical scan machines nearly accurate

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(Host) Secretary of State Deb Markowitz says an audit of optical scan voting machines shows the machines accurately tabulated votes on Election Day.

Under state law, the Secretary of State’s office must randomly select four towns for the post- election audit.

Optical machines electronically scan and tabulate paper ballots that have been marked by voters.

Markowitz says the random audits are an important way to test the accuracy of the machines.

(Markowitz) “All through the system, we have in place safeguards to make sure that our elections are completely accurate. And, of course, everyone in Vermont marks a paper ballot when they vote, so we’re not relying on electronic voting machines. Nevertheless, it makes sense to have an audit to insure against problems."

(Host) Markowitz says results of the audit essentially matched the ballot totals from Election Day. The only discrepancies were three ballots that were rejected by the machines because they had multiple markings on them.

(Markowitz) “It’s essentially a hand recount … and then we look to see if the numbers are the same as what was reported on election night. And, indeed, it was."

(Host) The audit reviewed the races for governor and lieutenant governor in Barnet, Brattleboro, Rockingham and Stowe.

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