Efrain Guigui dies at 81

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(Host) For fifteen years, Efrain Guigui
led the Vermont symphony orchestra and took the musicians to perform in every one of Vermont’s towns.

Guigui and the VSO parted ways in 1989, and yesterday, he died in Los Angeles of complications from cancer.

Cellist Melissa Brown played under Guigui. She remembers him as having a strong presence as a conductor.

(Brown) All of the sudden, it really came alive, I mean, he was quite young and very dymanic and knew the score so to speak. He was really an inspiration for the orchestra. I really consider him probably one of the most important musical influences that I’ve ever had and I think that’s true for many people who were in the orchestra.

(Host) During the Guigui’s tenure in Vermont, we won a top prize for excellence.

He died at the age of 81.

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