Earthquake Felt At Vermont Yankee Plant

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(Host) The mild earthquake that rocked much of Vermont Wednesday afternoon was also felt at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant, requiring the plant to formally declare to federal officials that "an unusual event" had taken place.

Vermont Yankee spokesperson Larry Smith said operators at the facility definitely felt the earthquake and quickly implemented a series of protocols:

(Smith) "Under that procedure plant operators immediately go walk down all of the safety systems – every part of the plant – to ensure that there’s no damage. There are no effects from this earthquake, no damage to plant equipment whatsoever, no damage to the buildings. The plant is at 100% power."

(Host)  Smith says the plant is designed to deal with different types of natural disasters, including larger earthquakes:

(Smith) "Every nuclear power plant is built to withstand hurricanes, floods, a tornado and earthquakes. Specifically, Vermont Yankee is constructed on bed rock and can withstand an earthquake with the epicenter at Vermont Yankee of 6.5 on the Richter scale."

(Host) The notice of an "Unusual Event" was terminated Wednesday evening.

Larry Smith says plant operators will continue to monitor the plant for any potential damage resulting from the earthquake.

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