Eagle Scouts recognized

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(Host) Governor Jim Douglas recognized 93 young men for achieving the highest honor in the Boy Scouts – the Eagle Scout award at a special ceremony in Montpelier this morning.

The 93 scouts performed a total of 10,000 hours of community service last year as part of their individual projects.

(Shackett) “I’m Adam Shackett of Bristol Troop 543. I went and redid our town’s library check out system. They went from using the card catalog to using all computerized systems.”


(Slack) “Hi. My name is Cody Slack and I’m from Bethel Vermont Troop 202 and my town built a canoe launch ramp. And we expanded the park to allow people to be able to get down to the canoe launch ramp, cleared the trails and stuff.”


(Host) Some of the other projects included rebuilding town parks, clearing hiking trails and building outdoor recreation equipment.

And then there was this unusual project:

(Scout) “My Eagle Scout project was to get people to stop drinking on the church lawn of the church that I go to. No, no – true story. It’s right next to a convenience store. So they go and be like, where can we get liquored up right now?’ The church front lawn it’s right there. So we started playing Bible music. We just opened up the doors. We played Bible music. And they’d go away and then they stopped coming back. So we’re like, what can we do now to clean up all the junk and the holes they dug in the yard?’ So I made a garden with a little path right down the middle.”


(Host) Last year approximately 7,500 young Vermonters participated in a variety of scouting programs across the state. Less than 2% of all boy scouts go on to achieve the Eagle Scout award.

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