Dubie stresses importance of minorities on state boards

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(HOST) Lt. Governor, Brian Dubie, says he feels it’s important to have minority representation on state boards like the Vermont Human Rights Commission. Recently, Governor, Jim Douglas, chose not to reappoint the only African American member of the commission even though the person wanted to serve another term.

Speaking last night on VPR’s Switchboard program, Dubie said he thinks the Human Rights Commission needs to include members who reflect the growing diversity of the state.

(Dubie) “We need in government, to make a real effort to make sure that the Human Rights Commission is diverse and able to provide a welcoming empathetic platform for someone to be able to bring concerns about what they’ve experienced.”

(HOST) Dubie says he has a hard time supporting the governor’s actions on this issue.

(Dubie) “I think it could have been done better. I haven’t talked to the governor about this. But I think the governor has taken a lot of feedback and you know the governor’s a really smart person. It’s not just what’s legal or what’s right. It’s what’s the appearance – We need to give the right appearance to people.”

(HOST) Dubie says a person’s gender should also be a factor for the composition of many state boards and commissions.

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