Dubie says he’ll run for re-election as lieutenant governor

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(Host) Republican Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie says he’ll be a candidate for re-election this fall.  Dubie has served three terms as Vermont’s lieutenant governor.

Dubie says there are a number of issues that he wants to continue working on during another term, including his efforts as the chairman of the Governor’s Commission on Healthy Aging.

(Dubie) “We are going to experience a demographic tsunami in the next 20 years. Our over-65 population will double. The more we delve into that issue, the more we understand it, the more I’m compelled to stay and commit my efforts as lieutenant governor to help to be a part of developing solutions and innovative ways to deal with that tsunami."

(Host) Dubie says he’s also proud of his work to help make Vermont a pilot project for a high tech satellite-based wireless Internet system in the Northeast Kingdom.

(Dubie) “That project is really going to allow Vermont to play a real leadership position, not just in the United States, but actually in the world. It’ll be a first time ever of a demonstration of some rural wireless communications capabilities that will be satellite-enabled, integrated with a terrestrial network."

(Host) So far, no Democratic or Progressive candidates have announced their intention to run for lieutenant governor.

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