Dubie Concedes Gubernatorial Race

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(Host) Earlier this morning, Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie conceded the governor’s race to Shumlin and pledged his cooperation – despite the agonizingly close election.

(Dubie) "I’ve looked at the numbers and the numbers, there may be some change in the final outcome. But I feel pretty certain that the best thing for me to do at this time to pledge my support to Governor-elect Shumlin and to ask for Vermonters to unite around our new governor."

(Host) Dubie probably could have asked for a recount of the ballots because he was within two percentage points of Shumlin’s total.

But he says it’s time for the campaign to end so the new administration can begin to tackle the issues confronting the state.

Dubie says the projected state budget deficit will have to be the first priority for the Shumlin administration.


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