Dubie calls for review of state government programs

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(Host) Republican Lieutenant Governor candidate Brian Dubie is calling for a top to bottom review of all programs in state government to help determine which programs should be continued in the future.

Speaking last night on VPR’s Switchboard program, Dubie said the legislature must scale back the role of state government in light of the $40 million revenue shortfall that was announced earlier this month:

(Dubie) “And what I would do is to say, bringa lot of other people who are very smart and try to look at all of state government. And it’s time, after 11 years of one party’s rule that we pop the hood open and look under the hood and say, ‘Hey, we’ve got to do things differently friends.’ We’ve got to address the fact that, just because we’ve been going one way for 11 years, we’re at a point where we’re $40 million in deficit. The status quo is not going to work. So, I think you need a lot of people like Brian Dubie that are going to come in and say, hey, we’ve got to figure out more cost-effective ways to deliver the service that Vermonters depend upon and to address these issues that are confronting our state.”

(Host) Dubie says the top priority for his campaign will be to focus on strategies to help create new jobs throughout Vermont.

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