Doyle says longer term for governor has public support

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(Host) The lead sponsor of a proposed constitutional amendment to lengthen the governor’s term in office from two to four years says he believes a majority of Vermonters support his plan.

Speaking Tuesday night on VPR’s Switchboard program, Senate Government Operations Chairman Bill Doyle said he thinks voters are tired of the constant campaigning that’s necessary for a governor to be elected every two years:

(Doyle) “Power has shifted from the national government to the states. The spotlight is on state government. There’s great competition for jobs and job opportunities. I think with a four-year term you’re more likely to help recruit people to serve in a governor’s administration. Campaigning rarely stops under the two-year term.”

(Host) Chittenden Senator Jim Condos, who’s the vice chairman of the committee, says he’ll have trouble supporting a four-year term for governor, unless terms for lawmakers are also expanded:

(Condos) “The governor would, at that point, would basically be free for two to three years to go out and campaign against legislators who are facing re-election every other year.”

(Host) The Senate Government Operations Committee will be holding a public hearing on this issue on Wednesday in Rutland.

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