Douglas signs renewable energy bill

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(Host) Governor Jim Douglas was joined by lawmakers at a wind generator manufacturing plant in Barre on Tuesday to sign into law a new renewable energy initiative. The bill creates incentives for Vermont utilities to invest in electricity resources considered renewable.

State Senator Ginny Lyons was the bill’s chief sponsor:

(Lyons) “I think what we’ll see in the future may be some very creative solution to the energy problem. For example, a utility company might be able to lease one photo-voltaic cell to a customer and then take that amount of energy off the grid. And because the utility can be reimbursed for that, the utility benefits. So it’s a new way of looking at energy.”

(Host) The law is designed to ensure that the state meets growth in demand for electricity from energy efficiency, renewable energy, or combined heat-and-power systems.

If utilities fail to meet these goals, a tougher renewable energy requirement would kick in beginning in 2013.

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