Douglas signs carbon monoxide bill

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(Host) Governor Jim Douglas signed a law today that aims to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. The Legislature was moved to act after a deadly incident in Burlington in January.

One man was killed and ten others were injured when a failed boiler spread the toxic gas through an apartment building.

In signing the bill, Governor Douglas said that, much like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors will save lives.

The most seriously injured survivor of the January incident attended the bill-signing. Ginger Aldrich, whose boyfriend, Jeff Rodliff, died in the accident said from a wheelchair that her recovery will be a long process.

(Aldrich) “I’m doing well. I’m finally starting to walk, which is nice. But I can’t really, I can write, kind of, but I still have trouble writing. I’d like to keep Jeff’s name alive and talk about CO poisoning, because it’s a serious problem.”

(Host) By the first of July, all new construction will require carbon monoxide detectors.

And by the first of October, detectors will be required in all existing residential units, including apartments, hotels and multi-family buildings.

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