Douglas outlines job growth strategy

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(Host) Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Douglas is pledging to take several important steps to boost job growth in Vermont if he’s elected governor in November. Douglas says economic development issues are his top priority in the campaign.

Douglas says he will create a special jobs cabinet within the first 100 days of his administration, which will work to eliminate any existing roadblocks to economic growth. Douglas says the cabinet will include members of his administration and the private sector:

(Douglas) “It’s important that we not just create a cabinet that gets together and talk to each other about what ought to be going on. We need to coordinate real programs that provide direct services to the citizenry of our state.”

(Host) Douglas says he will also submit a comprehensive plan to the Legislature to reform the state’s permit review process:

(Douglas) “I want to limit party status so that large, out-of-state, well-financed organizations aren’t interfering in the process. I want to expedite the appeal part of the process so that we have appeals on the record and consolidated appeals, rather than going to multiple tribunals. I’m going to appoint people to environmental commissions and the environmental board and other regulatory agencies who understand and share my commitment to insure that we serve the people, that we facilitate the application process – instead of dragging it on unreasonably.”

(Host) Douglas also called for additional efforts to increase Vermont’s share of international trade.

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