Donated cell phones helps domestic violence victims

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(Host) Old or unused cell phones can be put to good use, starting on Saturday. UniCell dealers across the state are accepting donations of cell phones for a program that helps domestic violence victims. The Call to Protect program provides cell phones and airtime to people who are in abusive or dangerous relationships. The phones can then be used to dial for emergency help.

The “Call to Protect” program has provided 33,000 phones to victims of abuse across the country. Heather Black is with the Wireless Foundation, the sponsors of the program:

(Black) “I’ve received feedback directly from women who’ve used these phones in situations where they’ve truly said that they didn’t know if they’d be alive today if they didn’t make that call at that very instant. So, we know that it works, we know that it’s a resource that’s important.”

(Host) Wireless phones by any maker can be donated all next week at Vermont UniCell stores. Phone chargers and batteries may be donated as well.

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