Dogs and owners to gather at Huneck Dog Party

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(Host) If you’re a dog lover and you’re in the Northeast Kingdom on Saturday, there’s a party you may want to attend.

Called the Dog Party, it’s a chance for hundreds of dogs and their owners to romp around a three-hundred acre plot of land called Dog Mountain.

It’s the creation, and passion, of St. Johnsbury artist Stephen Huneck.

The centerpiece of the mountain is the Dog Chapel. Huneck built the chapel in 1999 to honor his lifelong love of the animals.

(Huneck) "I really believe the dogs have a soul and that they are our guardian angels. I learned more from my dogs than I ever learned from the church that I attended or my parents about devotion, loyalty, honor, forgiveness. So I wanted not only to state that – I wanted to proclaim that in a voice that everybody would understand which is a 1820 New England chapel."

(Host) Huneck built the dog chapel after a long illness. He says that since his illness his art has only improved.

(Huneck) "I had people telling me, you know, now my art was going to be negative or whatever. And it’s just become more playful, more childlike."

Note: The dog party at Stephen Huneck’s Dog Mountain starts tomorrow at noon.

(Host) If you’d like to attend the Summer Dog party at Stephen Huneck’s Dog Mountain tomorrow, you can find a link on our website: It starts at noon.

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