Devastated By Fire, Pete’s Greens Gets Help From State Grant

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(Host) The town of Craftsbury has won a $300,000 state grant to help a local farm recover from a devastating fire.

Governor Peter Shumlin announced the award on Thursday. Craftsbury will loan the money to Pete’s Greens, a farm that has both a wholesale and retail business.

A January fire destroyed the main barn at the farm, along with tractors, stored produce and processing equipment. Shumlin noted that Vermonters have pulled together to help the farm recover.

(Shumlin) "As you know this has been a statewide effort, and I think it’s a symbol of why I am so optimistic about Vermont‘s agricultural future."

(Host) Farm owner Pete Johnson said he will use the loan to replace equipment and farm materials lost in the fire.

(Johnson) "I feel so much gratitude towards the state of Vermont for reaching out to us the way so many people have for the last several months. Individuals, state government, other entities have really helped us get going again. We started putting walls up on our new building yesterday. And we’re going to fine. We’re going to get back to where we were and even better."

(Host) The award to Craftsbury comes through the state agency of Commerce and Community Development. Craftsbury’s low-interest loan to Pete’s Greens will be paid back within 10 years.



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