Democrats take all Rutland City House seats

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(Host) The democratic wave rolled through Rutland City yesterday – as VPR’s Nina Keck reports.

(Singing) Happy Days are Here Again…

(Keck) Rutland County Democrats were celebrating big last night. In a surprise upset, democrats: Peg Andrews, Virginia McCormack, Gale Courcelle and Steve Howard won all four of Rutland City’s House seats sending two republican incumbents packing. And for the first time in ten years Rutland County elected a democratic state senator.

(Carris) “It feels great!”

(Keck) That’s Democrat Bill Carris – the top vote getter among Rutland County’s six senate candidates.

(Carris) “I think it’s a big change for this area of the state. Democrats worked awfully hard and worked together and it’s just a fantastic result.”

(Keck) Republican incumbents Hull Maynard and Kevin Mullin hung on to their seats while Republican Wendy Wilton lost hers. Michael Stimpfel of Clarendon says he was hoping for a democratic sweep in the county senate race – but says Bill Carris alone is a great addition.

(Stimpfel) “I’m really optimistic – I think Bill Carris is a superb candidate. He is a businessman, he has created jobs. And his philanthropy in the area – he is a tremendous senator already and he’s not even a senator yet. He’ll do a great job in bringing Rutland to where it really needs to be in Vermont.”

(Keck) Bill Carris says he’s looking forward to doing just that – but first, he joked, he just wants to soak his feet.

For Vermont Public Radio, I’m Nina Keck in Rutland.

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