Democrats Allege Pollina Campaign Finance Trangression

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(Host) The Vermont Progressive Party is defending its choice to commission a recent public opinion poll. Democrats are charging that the poll represents a premature campaign expenditure on behalf of Anthony Pollina. Pollina has been deciding whether to run as a Progressive candidate for governor or for lieutenant governor.

Democrats argue that the poll violates campaign finance laws. Christopher Pearson is executive director of the Vermont Progressive Party. He says that the Democratic Party’s charges are just politics as usual, and that the poll was within the Party’s rights:

(Pearson) "We were trying to get a lay of the land for upcoming elections, we asked questions about candidates across the spectrum: Democrats, Progressives, Republicans, Independents¿. Of course we included likely Progressive candidates, but we did not have any announced candidates. It was in no way done in conjunction with Progressive candidates. No, I don’t think we violated the law in any way."

(Host) Pollina has made his decision, and will announce his election plans next week. Indications are that he’ll be running for lieutenant governor.

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