Democratic presidential campaigns turn attention to March 4

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(Host) With nominating contests in Wisconsin and Hawaii out of the way, the Democratic presidential candidates are turning their attention to the next round of primaries.

For now, Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are relying on their Vermont supporters to do the campaigning for them.

Former Governor Madeleine Kunin and House Speaker Gaye Symington made Clinton’s case on a telephone conference call.

Kunin rejects suggestions that Obama was already positioned to win Vermont.

(Kunin) “We haven’t really begun to fight. And I sense a lot of strong support for Hillary Clinton. And, as we said at the beginning, every delegate is going to count in this race.”

(Host) Both campaigns are opening offices and sending paid staff to Vermont to direct their efforts.

But it’s not clear whether candidate will visit. Kunin says she’d be thrilled if Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, made a quick trip for her mother.

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