Democratic leadership wary of Dean

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(Host) An influential group of Democratic moderates has reservations about the viability of Howard Dean’s presidential candidacy. The Democratic Leadership Council says Dean has generated a lot of excitement, but his stance against the Iraq war may hurt him in the long run.

In May, the Council warned that Dean was pulling the party too far to the left, and could lose as badly as George McGovern did in 1972. Dean campaign spokeswoman Courtney O’ Donnell says Dean is hard to pigeonhole as liberal or conservative.

(O’Donnell) “I think in lots of ways what the DLC is doing is what a number of people including, you know, folks in Washington and members of the media who are really are trying to put a label on Governor Dean and his campaign, which may prove to be limiting in terms of labeling us ultra-liberal or this way or that. And I think as Governor Dean so often tells people, when you look at his record, it’s not one that lends to a label. And that it’s an issue by issue that determines the best strategy and I think that’s why so many people are really moving to his message.”

(Host) O’Donnell says the campaign has built a huge grass roots network without the blessing of the Democratic Leadership Council. She says every time the DLC criticizes Dean, even more people contact the campaign.

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