Delegation Pans Deal That Averted Shutdown

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(Host) Members of Vermont’s congressional delegation don’t like the budget deal that helped to avert a government shutdown.

Congressman Peter Welch says he will vote against the plan because the cuts target programs important to Vermont.

(Welch) "Things like high-speed rail, broadband, not to mention community health centers, these are significantly cut in this budget. And that’s going to push the burden back to the state taxpayer and in some cases the property taxpayer."

(Host) And Welch says the deal treats different government programs unequally. He says the Pentagon should also be subject to cuts.

Senator Bernie Sanders describes the agreement between congressional leaders and President Obama as "Robin Hood in reverse."

(Sanders) "We are taking from working families who are struggling to survive, taking hundreds of billions of dollars, and giving it to millionaires and billionaires."

(Host) Sanders says some of the cuts are helping to make up for tax breaks extended last year to people at all income levels.

He highlighted planned cuts to heating assistance, health care and public housing as some of the areas where spending shouldn’t be reduced.

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