December 23, 2003 – News at a glance

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ATV regulations
A Vermont landowners group has called for stricter controls on the use of all terrain vehicles. The group says it will also oppose allowing ATV’s on state lands when the issue comes before the Vermont Legislature next year. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

Private partner for hydro dam deal
The state of Vermont may take on a partner to buy a series of hydro dams along the Connecticut River. (Listen to the story online or read the transcript.) (VPR)

IBM electric rate discount
State utility regulators on Monday approved a special rate deal between Green Mountain Power and IBM. (VPR)

Guard builds new flight facility
Officials from the Vermont National Guard announced on Monday the construction of new aviation center at Burlington International Airport. (VPR)

Speculation on Red Sox trade
Governor Jim Douglas says he hopes the Boston Red Sox don’t trade star shortstop Nomar Garciaparra in the next few days. (VPR)

Dean on jobless benefits
Howard Dean is calling the Bush administration “callous” for not pressing Congress to extend jobless benefits. The Democratic presidential candidate says Bush should call Congress back into session and keep lawmakers at work until the benefits are extended. (AP)

Border security
Governor Jim Douglas has called for the state to boost security as federal officials warn of an increased threat of a terrorist attack. Although there’s no specific threat against Vermont state officials are strengthening security at the Canadian border; the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant and at the Burlington and Rutland airports. (AP)

NEK snowmobile trails
Local snowmobile clubs and the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers are negotiating with the new owner of land in Essex County to open part of the land to snowmobiling. Last month LIADSA Investments bought 13,600 acres of land in Granby, Guildhall and Maidstone. The purchase means about 23 miles of snowmobile trails in a key trail corridor are closed to riders. (AP)

Rockingham dam seizure
A judge is expected to decide by the end of the year if plans by the town of Rockingham to seize the hydroelectric facilities in town are legal. Green Mountain Power and Central Vermont Public Service Corporation say the town’s efforts are illegal. (AP)

Hartland gasoline lawsuit
The town of Hartland is suing dozens of major oil companies because of groundwater pollution they blame on a gasoline additive. The complaint contends the companies placed profits before people when they began adding the chemical MTBE to their products in the 1980s. (AP)

Castleton State construction
Construction of a new dormitory at Castleton State College is expected to begin next week. The three-story, 152-bed residence hall and an adjacent exercise center are scheduled to be completed by the time students return to campus next fall. (AP)

F-16 emergency landing
Two Vermont Air National Guard pilots are safe after a tire blew in the F-16 fighter plane in which they took off. The pilot made an emergency making at the Burlington airport on Monday, using its emergency tail hook to catch a cable stretched across the runway. (AP)

Saint Johnsbury fire
Fire investigators are trying to determine what caused a weekend fire in Saint Johnsbury that killed a local woman and a relative. Investigators say the fire appears to have been an accident. (AP)

Bicycle theft ring
Four University of Maine students who allegedly ran a bicycle “chop shop” from their dormitory on the Orono campus face charges in Maine. Police say the four students stole the bicycles and then sold the parts. Police say the Maine thefts are linked to thefts at the University of Vermont. (AP)

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