December 21, 2002 – News at a glance

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Patriot Act in libraries
Congressman Bernie Sanders says Congress went too far when it gave the government broad surveillance powers over libraries and bookstores. The USA Patriot Act allows federal investigators to find out who uses library computers, what web sites they visit, and what books they read. Sanders says the law is an invasion of privacy. He plans to introduce legislation to roll back the new authority.

Leahy on Lott
Vermont’s two U.S. Senators say that Majority Leader Trent Lott made the right decision when he decided to resign as Republican leader. Lott’s announcement came two weeks after he ignited a political firestorm over remarks that many interpreted as racist.

FAHC expansion costs
State regulators say that costs are continuing to rise for a major hospital project in Burlington. The state’s Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Administration hired consultants to review the Fletcher Allen Health Care project.

CVMC expansion denied
Central Vermont Medical Center has been thwarted again in its bid to bring about a $12 million modernization project. The Vermont Supreme Court in a 4-1 ruling has upheld a state agency’s decision to deny the hospital a certificate of need for the project. (AP)

Strafford teachers’ union
Teachers at Strafford’s Newton School have voted unanimously to join the local chapter of the Vermont-National Education Association. The teachers voted 18-0 yesterday in favor of union membership. They say the union will provide greater job security and allow them to serve students better. (AP)

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