Dean’s Fundraising Starts Slowly

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(Host) Governor Howard Dean says he’ll need to raise between $8 million and $10 million in order to run a competitive race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Dean has established two different political action committees. One financed his early travels around the country and the other allows him to accept contributions for a presidential campaign.

According to a report filed on Monday, the PAC paying for Dean’s initial efforts, the “Fund for a Healthy America,” has raised $161,000 since it was created last fall. Dean’s presidential PAC, “Dean For America,” reported contributions totaling $35,000. Speaking on his way to an event in Iowa, Dean said he’ll need to raise close to $10 million dollars if he’s going to be a serious presidential candidate:

(Dean) “We’re going to be at the bottom of the pack, there’s no question about it. I knew that when we started this, that was going to be a tough area. Right now I think we’re just getting ourselves into some public view, which is good, and that’s going to help us with our fundraising. But I don’t expect our fundraising to do anything substantial until next year when we start getting a federal match.”

(Host) Dean says he’s hoping to raise enough money this year to allow him to begin hiring several staff people for his campaign.

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