Dean wins backing of New York Democrats

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(Host) Howard Dean’s bid to become the national chairman of the Democratic Party has gained more momentum. On Wednesday, Democratic Party leaders in New York threw their support behind the candidacy of the former Vermont governor and one-time frontrunner in the Democratic presidential campaign.

In recent days, Dean has surged to the front of the race to become national party chairman. Middlebury College political analyst Eric Davis says the current campaign to be DNC chair has less to do with Dean’s stance on issues and has more to do with organizing the party:

(Davis) “I think Dean’s claims this time have more to do with process and organizing than they do with policy issues. Dean is going to claim that he can work on grass-roots organization building, get an organization in place over the next two years that will help the Democrats win back a few seats in the House and Senate in 2006 and then have the party much stronger positioned in 2008 to win what will be an open presidential seat than they were in 2004.”

(Host) The members of the Democratic National Committee will vote for a new chair on February 12. Dean is one of four candidates for the position. Three other candidates dropped out of the race earlier this week.

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