Dean to pursue youth vote in presidential campaign

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(Host) Governor Howard Dean says attracting young people to his upcoming presidential campaign is an important strategy in his effort to win the Democratic nomination. Speaking last night on VPR’s Switchboard program, Dean said his candidacy has drawn a lot of interest from young voters for several reasons.

Dean says his position on civil unions seems to strike a chord with many college students and the governor says many young people also appreciate his straightforward answers on critical issues facing the country:

(Dean) “We really get deluged after every major speech I give and it’s mostly by 20 and early 30 people. We’re going to do a lot work on college campuses with this age group they don’t have any money but they sure have a lot of energy. And we are going to spend a major amount of time reaching out to 20 and early 30 year olds.”

(Host) Dean says he hopes to raise between eight and ten million dollars for his presidential campaign in the next twelve months. If he meets this goal, Dean says he will be able to run a competitive campaign against the other Democratic candidates.

Listen to Tuesday’s Switchboard program on line and see photos from the show.

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