Dean supports adding consumers to FAHC board

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(Host) Governor Howard Dean says adding some consumer members to the Board of Trustees at the state’s largest hospital would be a good idea.

The operations of Fletcher Allen Health Care have come under scrutiny following the disclosure that some hospital officials lied to state regulators about the scope of a new expansion project at the facility. The cost of the project has skyrocketed to almost twice its original projection of $173 million. The president of the hospital and several top-level administrators have lost their jobs over this controversy.

Hospital trustees will be meeting on Thursday to consider filling at least five vacancies on the Board. Congressman Bernie Sanders is urging the Board to add some public members to the group. The governor thinks that’s a good idea:

(Dean) “The last time I looked, the statute does not allow the governor to appoint people to the board. Maybe that should change. I’m sure that will be debated in the next Legislature. I think having some public input on the Board is a good idea.”

(Host) Dean says he has complete confidence that acting hospital President Edward Colodny will implement policies that will help restore the public’s confidence in Fletcher Allen.

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