Dean renews criticism of Iraq war

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(Host) Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean has launched new criticism at his opponents for supporting the Iraq war.

Dean says statements by former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill shows that the Bush Administration led the country into the war under false pretenses. O’Neill has said the administration started planning for the war months before the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Dean spoke Monday evening on a conference call with regional reporters. The former governor says O’Neill has confirmed his own questions about the war.

(Dean) “This never made sense and the question in my mind, since it never made sense, why did all those folks vote for it. And now we see it never made sense.”

(Host) With the New Hampshire primary at the end of the month, Dean faces a strong challenge from retired General Wesley Clark and Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. Dean criticized most of his opponents in the conference call.

(Dean) “Senator Edwards, Representative Gephardt, John Kerry and General Clark all supported this war, at least at the time. Despite the fact that now we find out that there was even more things said today by the Carnegie report today and Paul O’Neill, that not only did the president mislead people regarding intelligence but apparently it was deliberate, according to Secretary O’Neill.”

(Host) On domestic issues, Dean stuck to his position to roll back the middle class tax cuts. He promised to introduce a tax fairness plan that focuses on the payroll tax sometime in the future.

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