Dean quiet on Iraq resolution

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(Host) Governor Howard Dean won’t say if he supports a congressional resolution that authorizes the use of force against Iraq. Dean, who is running for president in 2004, has spoken out repeatedly against the Bush administration’s policy on Iraq.

Late last week Congress passed a resolution allowing the president to use the military force against Iraq. But Dean told reporters he hasn’t read the resolution and doesn’t yet have a position on it.

(Dean) “I can’t tell you because I haven’t read the resolution. When I do read the resolution, I might be able to tell you. But I haven’t read that yet.”

(Host) The resolution passed the Senate last week on a 77 to 23 vote. Vermont’s two senators voted against it, saying it gave the president a blank check to wage war. Other Democratic presidential candidates have taken a position on the resolution. Dean says he still believes the president has not made the case that a preemptive strike is needed.

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