Dean issues third quarter fundraising report

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(Host) The Internet remains a money machine for presidential candidate Howard Dean. About half of the $14.8 million that Dean collected over the last three months came from online donations.

The Dean campaign filed its latest fundraising report on Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission. And the numbers show that the average Internet donation was around $61; the average contribution overall was about $73.

Campaign manager Joe Trippi said in a conference call that only 1% of Dean’s contributors gave the maximum of $2,000. He says that means the campaign has a well of supporters it can go back to for more money.

(Trippi) “Our goal from the beginning, in terms of thinking about how you would defeat Bush and how you can compete with his $200 million, is really a simple piece of arithmetic. The question is, are there two million Americans who are willing to contribute $100 to defeat Bush and put a Democrat in the White House and fight for the health care and the things Howard Dean is fighting for?”

(Host) Trippi says that since January, 230,000 people have contributed to Dean’s campaign. According to Trippi, Dean still hasn’t decided whether to forgo federal matching funds.

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