Dean, fiscal committee close to finalizing budget cuts

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(Host) Governor Howard Dean says he is close to a deal with legislative leaders on how to cut the state’s budget. Dean would not disclose details of the proposed budget cutting plan Thursday. He says he’s still negotiating with members of the Joint Fiscal Committee.

(Dean) “It’s very clear to me what the lawmakers care a lot about and we, each side, gave something significant. And we’ve certainly come to a package I hope will pass. The lawmakers I met with certainly thought it was something they could support. But also their colleagues who were not at the meeting who had indicated some deep concerns about certain things would be satisfied.”

(Host) The governor’s original plan included closing the two Randolph rest areas on Interstate 89. The governor would not say if those rest areas would still be closed under the new plan. The Legislature’s Joint Fiscal Committee meets Friday to go over the proposed cuts.

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