Dean Criticizes President’s Budget Proposal

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(Host) Unemployment will increase in Vermont under President Bush’s proposed budget, according to Governor Dean. Dean says the budget plan is irresponsible and will also increase health care premiums for most Vermonters.

Dean is angry that the president’s budget proposal cuts federal transportation spending by $9 billion. That translates into a $35 million cut in Vermont. The governor says this action will reduce important road projects in the state and result in job losses in the construction industry.

Bush’s proposed budget also reduces the federal Medicaid budget by $9 billion dollars. Dean says the cost of those cuts will be shifted over to Vermonters with private health care insurance policies:

(Dean) “For the first time, I am actually becoming genuinely alarmed about the fiscal future of the country under this Administration. The president has proposed a budget which is not only a budget that will not stimulate the economy, it will actually harm the economy greatly.”

(Host) Dean says he’ll be working with many of the nation’s governors in an effort to convince Congress to restore money for these programs.

Dean says he would pay for these programs by rolling back federal tax cuts for people with incomes above $300,000 a year.

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