Dean criticizes Alan Greenspan

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(Host) Democratic Presidential candidate Howard Dean is trying to focus his campaign on tax and fiscal issues in the days leading up to the New Hampshire primary. Today, he criticized Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan.

VPR’s John Dillon reports.

(Dillon) Over the last few days, Dean has talked up his record of balancing the budget in Vermont during his 11 years as governor.

Dean has now broadened his message of fiscal conservatism to include a critique of Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan. Dean said today that if he were elected president, he would look for another chairman when Greenspan’s term expires next June. President Bush has said he would reappoint Greenspan.

The fed chairman is widely credited with holding down inflation rates and steering the economy through the recession. But Dean did a good job in years past, and lately Greenspan has not followed a prudent fiscal policy.

(Dean) “I’m very concerned about Alan Greenspan, and I would not reappoint him. I think Alan Greenspan in the last year has allowed political considerations to interfere with his judgment. Alan Greenspan has supported tax cuts which were irresponsible, has not come out firmly against the enormous deficits the president’s running, and therefore I would not reappoint him.”

(Dillon) Dean has slipped in the polls in New Hampshire, where he faces a tough race against former Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.

For Vermont Public Radio, I’m John Dillon in Nashau, New Hampshire.

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