Dean campaigns for Clavelle in Burlington

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(Host) Howard Dean was in Burlington on Monday to support Mayor Peter Clavelle’s Democratic campaign for governor.

Dean says he agrees with Clavelle’s contention that the Iraq war is affecting the lives of Vermonters. Dean told a rally at the University of Vermont that he supports Clavelle because he wants someone who looks at the facts and tells the truth:

(Dean) “I want an independent thinker in the governor’s office in the state of Vermont who’s going to stand up for ordinary working people, create jobs, stand up for health insurance and most importantly, stand up to the president of the United States when the president takes up in the wrong direction.”

(Host) Clavelle says the war is diverting resources away from domestic needs, like health care and education, and because the state has seen the largest mobilization of the National Guard since World War II.

Dean rose to national prominence with his opposition to the war during his presidential campaign.

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