‘Daughter of Heaven-A Memoir with Earthly Recipes’: interview with Leslie Li

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When Chinese-American author Leslie Li was growing up in and around New York City, she was happy to be a multi-ethnic student of American culture. But when Li’s grandmother arrived from China to live with her family, she brought with her customs and a traditional cuisine which opened Li’s heart and mind to her ancestry. Li gradually became aware of an innate desire to re-connect with her Chinese roots.

Leslie Li writes about her family, and her personal journey, in the new book, “Daughter of Heaven-A Memoir with Earthly Recipes”. As the title suggests, the book is a combination of family remembrance and observation, punctuated by an assortment of her grandmother’s recipes.

Neal Charnoff spoke with Leslie Li about her book and the meals and ingredients that brought back the memories of those recipes.

(To hear Neal’s interview with Leslie Li, click on the “Listen” icon.)

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