D.C. Area Quake Shakes Northern New England

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(Host) That earthquake that shook the Washington, D.C., area Tuesday also rumbled through our region.

Tuesday afternoon a temblor rolled across northern New England and southern Quebec.

Robert Schell is with Vermont Emergency Management.

(Schell) "Our 911 centers received numerous calls reporting the earthquake and reporting that people’s computer monitors shook and things such as that. However we have not received any reports of damage."

(Host) People from Brattleboro to Montreal report they felt buildings shaking. The quake prompted operators of the Vermont Yankee plant to go through their emergency procedures.

But it wasn’t actually felt on the plant grounds in Vernon and Yankee continues to operate at full power.

State geologist Larry Becker says it’s not unusual to feel an earthquake from so far away.

(Becker) "You can have an event at a distance, and we feel it here because earthquake waves can travel further in the eastern United States than in the West."

(Host) Becker says that’s because the rock may be colder and denser here. There’s no word what the magnitude of the aftershocks were in Vermont.

Meanwhile, digital streams on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter were flowing. Michelle Longley of Bristol wrote on Facebook that she felt "gentle consistent waving," like she was "on a boat."

In North Adams, Mass., Gene Conklin said he experienced 15 to 20 seconds of terror and nearly evacuated his apartment building.



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