CVPS repairs storm damage to power lines

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(Host) Work crews at the state’s largest utility are working at this hour to restore power to thousands of customers in Addison, Rutland and Bennington counties. Central Vermont Public Service Spokesperson Steve Costello says the company has been able to restore power to roughly 70% of the 10,000 homes that lost electricity over the weekend from the ice and snowstorm.

But Costello says heavy winds throughout the day today knocked out power to another 4,000 customers:

(Costello) “Then last night, starting around midnight we got a lot of snow and that knocked out a lot of customers. And then this afternoon the wind really picked up about midday in some sections, really whipped trees around, knocked snow off the trees – which allowed trees that had been under the lines to snap back into them. So we had made some great progress repairing the initial storm’s damage, only to get hit with this next round this afternoon. So it feels like we’ve been marching in place, although we’ve been working real hard to repair everything.”

(Host) Costello says CVPS hopes to restore power to most of its customers by Tuesday morning.

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