CVPS Offers ‘Cow Power’ Renewable Energy

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(Host) Vermont’s largest power company has won approval to have dairy farmers generate energy from cow manure and sell it back to the power grid. Central Vermont Public Service hopes to sign up farmers to build generators on their property and go into the power business on a small scale.

The farmers’ generators would be powered by methane, a gas created by the decomposition of material such as trash or cow manure. CVPS spokesman Steve Costello says customers would pay a little bit more for the cow power.

(Costello) “First and foremost we’re trying to create supply and demand. We’re trying to create incentives for farmers to develop this type of generation on their farms and we’re trying to create a market for customers to buy clean, renewable energy. Those who chose cow power will pay an extra 4 cents a kilowatt hour for it, which will go to the farmer.”

(Host) Costello says customers have asked for more renewable power sources and this project is the result.

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