CVPS Nominated for Osprey Conservation Work

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(Host) The state’s largest electric utility is a finalist for one of the industry’s top awards. Central Vermont Public Service Corporation was nominated for the Edison Award for its work to restore Vermont’s endangered ospreys.

Like other utilities, CVPS has built nesting platforms for the large fish hawks. But CVPS was recognized for doing much more than that. The utility produced a children’s book on the bird, along with educational material that is now being used in nearly 100 Vermont schools.

CVPS spokesman Steve Costello wrote the osprey book. He says the company’s work to help the osprey started with one customer who wanted to bring the birds back to Lake Arrowhead in northwestern Vermont:

(Costello) “So it kind of blossomed from one woman’s passion about these endangered birds into a project that ultimately produced a much better understanding of the birds for school children of Vermont. And I think for the general public as well. We’re very excited about it. For a company our size to be nominated for this award is really unprecedented.”

(Host) The Edison Award is given annually by the Edison Electric Institute to the company that does the most to advance the industry.

CVPS will learn in June whether it won the top prize. The company is competing with utilities from Louisiana, New Mexico and Washington.

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