Crop circles found in southern Quebec

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(Host) Mysterious crop circles have turned up on a Quebec farm just north of the U.S.-Canadian border. A series of twelve circles arranged in a concentric pattern was found over the weekend on a farm in Howick, Quebec. Howick is a small agricultural community southwest of Montreal.

The circles were made in a barley field on the farm of Gloria and John Peddie. Gloria Peddie says there’s no indication of how the circles were made.

(Peddie) “They’re all perfectly formed and the barley is flattened right down. There was no connection. We couldn’t see any paths joining anything.”

(Host) Crop circles first gained prominence in the 1980s, when they appeared in fields in England. Some people speculate the large and sometimes intricate patterns are the work of visitors from another planet. That’s the premise of the current hit film Signs, But ten years ago, two men admitted they used boards to make a number of circles in England.

Peddie says she’s inclined to believe the patterns in her field were produced by a natural phenomenon, not aliens.

(Peddie) “No, I don’t believe in that. I think it’s probably more a fluke of nature somehow. I have no real logical reason, but I don’t believe in aliens. No.” (Laughs).

(Host) Peddie says the field where the circles appeared is close enough to her house that she would have been able to see anyone making the circles. The Peddies also operate a bed and breakfast at their farm.

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