Cows Trapped In Chester Barn Collapse

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Rescue crews are on the scene of another barn collapse, this one in the town of Chester.

Farm workers arrived last night at the Roman Way Farm to find a 100-foot section of the barn 250 foot barn collapsed and between 20 and 30 cows trapped.

Crews were able to get some of the animals out, but others are still trapped inside. Due to the complexity of the rescue, Vermont Emergency Management was called in and teams from nearby towns responded to free the animals. It’s still uncertain how many animals may have died.

This is the fifth barn collapse in Vermont this week.

The Vermont State Police say the collapse was caused by heavy snowfall, and it continues to be a danger.

The weekend storm is also being blamed for a fire at an unoccupied camp in the town of Addison. A Vermont state police fire investigator says the fire on Saturday was caused by winter lightning. There were no injuries in that incident.

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