Council releases recommendations on future of Vermont

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(Host) The Council on the Future of Vermont is out today with a series of recommendations that it says could guide the state in coming years.

The council has been meeting for about two years to gauge Vermonters’ attitudes about their state and its future.

Council member Richard Mallary says there’s one main conclusion that the group found.

(Stevens) "Vermonters value Vermont. Residents feel that the state has a unique identity that has been defined by centuries of traditions, shared by young and old, urban and rural.”

(Host) Mallary says there are many other values that have been defined during the council’s work. They include a commitment to community, the environment and independence.

The council wants to help preserve those values. Council member Steve Gold it’ll take work to maintain what’s important to the people of this state.

(Stevens) "The conclusions are a call to action that the council drew from all the inputs we gathered. They are organized in six categories: Vermont community; economy; youth and education; environment; health, transportation and public safety; and civic culture.”

(Host) The council offers some policy proposals in all of the areas it studied. The results were released to leaders in state government and business at a Statehouse event this morning.

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